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Huh? What is all this alphabet soup?

International Association of Canine Professionals Certified Dog Trainer

Why is the title Certified Dog Trainer important?

Did you know currently anyone wanting to call themselves a dog trainer can do so? Someone who may have had some success training their own family pet decides it’s fun and will start charging the neighbors to train their dogs. That’s all well and good IF the person really is able to read a dog correctly and communicate to the owners.

One of the reasons I became a dog trainer was because another person in the area started calling themselves a dog trainer. Some of my grooming clients started questioning me about some of the advice they’d gotten from this person. This person had trained their own dogs, gone to a few seminars and viola…a dog trainer was born. After handling thousands of dogs in almost 25 years of grooming and working in a vet clinic, I didn’t just hang out a shingle and call myself a dog trainer. I went to school.

I hold certifications from a couple different dog training schools. Probably more important to me, though, is my Certified Dog Trainer certificate from IACP – my IACP CDT designation.

What do the initials IACP CDT mean?

The CDT exam is intended to test an applicant’s basic level of skills to provide the general public with a standard of expectation for what constitutes a “basic level” of expertise. The passing of the CDT exam also provides recognition and approval from peer professionals within an internationally established organization. The CDT is a RESULTS based certification with the trainer being held to the code of ethics of the IACP. It’s important to a person hiring a dog trainer to know the trainer is being held to a high standard and has proven their ability to train you and your dog. The initials IACP CDT mean your trainer has done this.


I’m working on my advanced certification already!

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People ask me daily when they should start training the puppy they just got. IMMEDIATELY!

Puppies are little sponges soaking up information 24/7 whether or not you’re not actively training.  Why not make some of the things they are soaking up things you WANT them to soak up?

Reward behavior they offer naturally. When they’re tired and start to sit, say “sit, good dog”.  Or you can easily lure a pup into a sit with a food treat, also. If you catch your pup running to you, say “come”.

Mind you, this does not mean your dog knows what the commands SIT or COME mean at this point. Doing these things is laying a foundation for the upcoming weeks. All good relationships start with a good foundation.

Start building a good foundation from the day your pup comes home and your relationship will grow into something amazing!

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Welcome Tringa!

Tringa Close UpWelcome Tringa

On 1/2/08, we added another Leonberger puppy to our pack. That brings our personal pack back up to 5. Still smaller than the 7 we had for years, but enough the house doesn’t feel so empty.

Tringa was born 11/6/07. She’s a fun little pup-if you can call 22.8 pounds at 9 weeks little.

One fun fact is her left eye is slightly lighter in color than her right eye. It has been since we got her 10 days ago. This condition is called heterochromasia. Most vets see this with one brown eye and one blue eye. Tringa’s left eye is actually green with her right eye brown. She’s still so young we’re not sure if that will change or not. Right now it certainly adds to her personality!

The name Tringa comes from the genus of several shorebirds. It fits her as she flits here and there much like a sandpiper dancing in & out of the waves.

We hope to be including her in posts for many years to come.


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