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Welcome Ledum

Welcome Ledum! We have added another rescue to our pack. Ledum. He originally came from a puppymill. His skeletal structure is terrible, but his temperament is great. He’s tall, somewhere between 16 & 20 months, quite the goofy puppy. He will become one of my demo dogs as Ky ages with some arthritis. It makes it hard for him to do some of the things he loves to do.

Ledum will learn.

I’m not sure he’ll fit in a kayak, though! He’s a tall, big boy with growing left to do!!

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Adding Dogs

We have dogs coming & going in & out of our pack quite often. We have lots of fosters, some board & trains, some we pet sit for friends. There are some things we do to make it easy for our pack and the newcomer when they arrive.One of the first things I do is bathe the visitor. It makes them smell like one of us, and it’s always nice to have a clean dog around.We then institute lots of simple leadership exercises. Simple things like: New Dog is the last one through the door, inside and outside; sitting for food and petting, getting fed last, yielding. Just enforcing the normal rules and boundaries of our everyday life including the New Dog goes a long way for making the transition easy.

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I’ve been in animal health care for almost 3 decades.  In that time I’ve been a part of thousands of animals crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Some have been mine; some have belonged to clients who honored me by asking to help them by participating in helping their pet cross over. It never gets easier.In our own house it’s been a challenging few months.In the last 18 months, we have lost 6 animals. Three of them “core” dogs in our pack.  With each loss, the remaining pack members shift. My husband & I shift; in duties, in expectations. Years ago our pack was only female. Over the course of time it became pretty balanced between male/female members. For the last month or so it’s been 3 males and one female. This week we added another male, approximately 16 month old, Leonberger.We’ll see what other shifts are on the horizon.

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