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Now the sun’s rising earlier and setting later and Memorial Day has kicked off the summer season, chances are you and your dog are enjoying more time outdoors. Longer hikes, camping, more Frisbee, more swimming are probably among the list of activities.
Remember, just like we can suffer pains and strains from being a Weekend Warrior and out-of-shape, so can our dog. It’s important to start out slowly and build up to longer and more strenuous activities to avoid injuries.
In our heads, we know this for ourselves.
The hard part is convincing your dog of this. They don’t live in their bodies. They live in their heads. Their adrenalin will keep them moving long after their bodies should be. Torn ligaments, strained muscles, sprained joints, and more are some of the risks for your dog.
Anyone who’s had a dog on restricted activity can tell you it’s not a fun way to spend a summer.
Take the time to warm up and cool down (BOTH you and your dog) before and after strenuous exercise. Neither one of you will be happy if either of you suffer an injury.

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